Abstract : The abstract should be short and concise. The abstract should not be less than 400 words and no more than 600 words. The person reading the abstract should have an accurate idea of your work. Details of the study, comments and references should not be included in the abstract. However, the purpose and importance of your study, the used method(s), the observations and findings (primary ones), results (primary ones) and recommendations should be included in the abstract, provided that each of them is briefly mentioned. You can copy your abstract to this template, remembering the text should be between 400 and 600 words, in Times New Roman 12 font-size, and justified on both sides.
Keywords: Keywords should be written from the narrowest to the most comprehensive, reflect the entire study and title well, and consist of at least 3 and at most 5 words.
 (For example: Meerschaum, Eskisehir, Natural Resources, Jewelry, Trade).

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Congress fee is changeable according to origin of different countries. Organizing Committee of the Congress decided to use World Bank Country and Lending Groups for countries to announce the congress fee. Thus;

  1. Please go to the Table 2 below and find your own country where you work and live in and see the income group of your country,
  2. Go to the Table 1 and find your congress fee,
  3. Go to the webpage of “submission and registration” to register and submit your paper.
  4. If your paper is accepted you will get a message for invitaten letter and how to pay the congress fee.

Table 1

Congress Fee According to Income Groups of Countries World Bank Database)1

Early Bird RegistrationNormal RegistrationLate Registration
July 25, 2023
August 25, 2023
October 1, 2023
1.High-Income Countries150 Euro170 Euro190 Euro
2.Upper-Middle-Income Countries100 Euro120 Euro140 Euro
3.Lower-Middle-Income Countries75 Euro100 Euro120 Euro
4.Low-Income Countries 50 Euro75 Euro100 Euro
5.Participation as a listenerFreeFreeFree
S.N.CountryIncome group
1AfghanistanLow income
2AlbaniaUpper middle income
3AlgeriaLower middle income
4American SamoaUpper middle income
5AndorraHigh income
6AngolaLower middle income
7Antigua and BarbudaHigh income
8ArgentinaUpper middle income
9ArmeniaUpper middle income
10ArubaHigh income
11AustraliaHigh income
12AustriaHigh income
13AzerbaijanUpper middle income
14Bahamas, TheHigh income
15BahrainHigh income
16BangladeshLower middle income
17BarbadosHigh income
18BelarusUpper middle income
19BelgiumHigh income
20BelizeLower middle income
21BeninLower middle income
22BermudaHigh income
23BhutanLower middle income
24BoliviaLower middle income
25Bosnia and HerzegovinaUpper middle income
26BotswanaUpper middle income
27BrazilUpper middle income
28British Virgin IslandsHigh income
29Brunei DarussalamHigh income
30BulgariaUpper middle income
31Burkina FasoLow income
32BurundiLow income
33Cabo VerdeLower middle income
34CambodiaLower middle income
35CameroonLower middle income
36CanadaHigh income
37Cayman IslandsHigh income
38Central African RepublicLow income
39ChadLow income
40Channel IslandsHigh income
41ChileHigh income
42ChinaUpper middle income
43ColombiaUpper middle income
44ComorosLower middle income
45Congo, Dem. Rep.Low income
46Congo, Rep.Lower middle income
47Costa RicaUpper middle income
48Cote d'IvoireLower middle income
49CroatiaHigh income
50CubaUpper middle income
51CuracaoHigh income
52CyprusHigh income
53Czech RepublicHigh income
54DenmarkHigh income
55DjiboutiLower middle income
56DominicaUpper middle income
57Dominican RepublicUpper middle income
58EcuadorUpper middle income
59Egypt, Arab Rep.Lower middle income
60El SalvadorLower middle income
61Equatorial GuineaUpper middle income
62EritreaLow income
63EstoniaHigh income
64EswatiniLower middle income
65EthiopiaLow income
66Faeroe IslandsHigh income
67FijiUpper middle income
68FinlandHigh income
69FranceHigh income
70French PolynesiaHigh income
71GabonUpper middle income
72Gambia, TheLow income
73GeorgiaUpper middle income
74GermanyHigh income
75GhanaLower middle income
76GibraltarHigh income
77GreeceHigh income
78GreenlandHigh income
79GrenadaUpper middle income
80GuamHigh income
81GuatemalaUpper middle income
82GuineaLow income
83Guinea-BissauLow income
84GuyanaUpper middle income
85HaitiLower middle income
86HondurasLower middle income
87Hong Kong SAR, ChinaHigh income
88HungaryHigh income
89IcelandHigh income
90IndiaLower middle income
91IndonesiaLower middle income
92Iran, Islamic Rep.Lower middle income
93IraqUpper middle income
94IrelandHigh income
95Isle of ManHigh income
96IsraelHigh income
97ItalyHigh income
98JamaicaUpper middle income
99JapanHigh income
100JordanUpper middle income
101KazakhstanUpper middle income
102KenyaLower middle income
103KiribatiLower middle income
104Korea, Dem. Rep.Low income
105Korea, Rep.High income
106KosovoUpper middle income
107KuwaitHigh income
108Kyrgyz RepublicLower middle income
109Lao PDRLower middle income
110LatviaHigh income
111LebanonUpper middle income
112LesothoLower middle income
113LiberiaLow income
114LibyaUpper middle income
115LiechtensteinHigh income
116LithuaniaHigh income
117LuxembourgHigh income
118Macao SAR, ChinaHigh income
119MadagascarLow income
120MalawiLow income
121MalaysiaUpper middle income
122MaldivesUpper middle income
123MaliLow income
124MaltaHigh income
125Marshall IslandsUpper middle income
126MauritaniaLower middle income
127MauritiusUpper middle income
128MexicoUpper middle income
129Micronesia, Fed. Sts.Lower middle income
130MoldovaUpper middle income
131MonacoHigh income
132MongoliaLower middle income
133MontenegroUpper middle income
134MoroccoLower middle income
135MozambiqueLow income
136MyanmarLower middle income
137NamibiaUpper middle income
138NauruHigh income
139NepalLower middle income
140NetherlandsHigh income
141New CaledoniaHigh income
142New ZealandHigh income
143NicaraguaLower middle income
144NigerLow income
145NigeriaLower middle income
146North MacedoniaUpper middle income
147Northern Mariana IslandsHigh income
148NorwayHigh income
149OmanHigh income
150PakistanLower middle income
151PalauHigh income
152PanamaUpper middle income
153Papua New GuineaLower middle income
154ParaguayUpper middle income
155PeruUpper middle income
156PhilippinesLower middle income
157PolandHigh income
158PortugalHigh income
159Puerto RicoHigh income
160QatarHigh income
161RomaniaUpper middle income
162Russian FederationUpper middle income
163RwandaLow income
164SamoaLower middle income
165San MarinoHigh income
166Sao Tome and PrincipeLower middle income
167Saudi ArabiaHigh income
168SenegalLower middle income
169SerbiaUpper middle income
170SeychellesHigh income
171Sierra LeoneLow income
172SingaporeHigh income
173Sint Maarten (Dutch part)High income
174Slovak RepublicHigh income
175SloveniaHigh income
176Solomon IslandsLower middle income
177SomaliaLow income
178South AfricaUpper middle income
179South SudanLow income
180SpainHigh income
181Sri LankaLower middle income
182St. Kitts and NevisHigh income
183St. LuciaUpper middle income
184St. Martin (French part)High income
185St. Vincent and the GrenadinesUpper middle income
186SudanLow income
187SurinameUpper middle income
188SwedenHigh income
189SwitzerlandHigh income
190Syrian Arab RepublicLow income
191TajikistanLower middle income
192TanzaniaLower middle income
193ThailandUpper middle income
194Timor-LesteLower middle income
195TogoLow income
196TongaUpper middle income
197Trinidad and TobagoHigh income
198TunisiaLower middle income
199TurkmenistanUpper middle income
200Turks and Caicos IslandsHigh income
201TuvaluUpper middle income
202UgandaLow income
203UkraineLower middle income
204United Arab EmiratesHigh income
205United KingdomHigh income
206United StatesHigh income
207UruguayHigh income
208UzbekistanLower middle income
209VanuatuLower middle income
210Venezuela, RBUpper middle income-for 2020/ no info for 2023)
211VietnamLower middle income
212Virgin Islands (U.S.)High income
213West Bank and GazaLower middle income
214Yemen, Rep.Low income
215ZambiaLower middle income
216ZimbabweLower middle income

In the World Development Indicators database (and most other time series datasets), all 189 World Bank member countries, plus 28 other economies with populations of more than 30,000, are classified so that data users can aggregate, group, and compare statistical data of interest, and for the presentation of key statistics. The main classifications provided are by geographic region, by income group, and by the operational lending categories of the World Bank Group. These groupings change from time to time: these tables provide those currently in use.

The term country, used interchangeably with economy, does not imply political independence but refers to any territory for which authorities report separate social or economic statistics.

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